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Radka lives in Norway for almost 6 years and Ivar almost 30. We love norwegian nature and especially mountains and would like to share our experiences from trips in Norway with you. In the future we want to write off the beaten path tourist guidebook about Norway.


Most of the time we are backpacking and we like sleeping in the tent more than sleeping in a bed. We use lots of outdoor and sports gear and we would like to review it and share it with you.


Radka has already hitchhiked through most of Europe, Patagonia, Eastern Afrika and part of Asie. We want to show that hitchhiking is not as dangerous as you might think and that it is usually a lot of fun and interesting encounters.

Dumpster diving

We are professional dumpster inspectors and regular dumpster divers. We want to talk about the food waste issues and show you that the food that ends up in the dumpsters is usually still edible and tasty.


Photography is our big hobby. Recently we have also started to take videos after we bought drone and GoPro. Even though we are not professionals we would still like to share our pictures and videos with you 🙂

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