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Our Travel Gear

Curious about what’s inside a frequent traveler’s backpack? Often we got questions about our photo and video equipment that we travel with and our travel gear in general. Therefore we have put together a list of all the travel gear that we bring with us on our adventures.

Photo & Video


We prefer to use high-quality, lightweight & durable stuff, that we can count on in any conditions. While we often travel very low-cost, our travel gear is quite expensive. But we also did not get it overnight and we  don’t want to keep replacing worn-out equipment all the time.

The gear that we use may not work for everyone. The choice of travel gear depends a lot on the style of your traveling. We try to travel light, but we also carry a lot of heavy electronic and photo equipment. Therefore we are trying to compenzate the extra weight by using some ultra light camping equipment.

We rarely sleep in hotels and generally we prefer to camp wild as far away from people and civilization as possible. We are not the type of travellers that packs their suitcase full of fashion clothes and head to Maledives. Our equipment is suitable for long distance hiking, trekking up mountains or hitchhiking.

Do not take this list as a ultimate packing list of gear that you can not travel without. The following gear list is just what works best for us and our travel style.


Our travel gear is adapted to our travel style when we camp wild a lot. This picture is from Camping at Trotternish Ridge at Isle of Skye in the summer of 2017