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Who are the faces behind realcamplife?

Hi! I am Radka and I am from the Czech republic. In 2012 I came to Norway to study at the university in Trondheim. I quickly fell in love with Norway and later on with Ivar – my Norwegian boyfriend. 

Realcamplife is our passion project where we want to share our experience from living in Norway and traveling in Scandinavia and help you guys to plan your dream vacation!

We want to show you not just tips for “must visit places”, but also the true hidden gems and give you insight into the Norwegian culture,  history and everyday life. 

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Interactive map of norway

In summer 2020 we started to work on an interactive map to help you plan your perfect holidays in Norway and be your pocket guide while traveling in this beautiful country full of natural wonders. The map includes so far:

Custom-made itinerary to norway and iceland


Immerse yourself in the travel articles and get tips for your future adventures! 

Realcamplife is travel and outdoor blog for people, who love Norway, Iceland, and other cold regions.