Realcamplife is a travel blog for people who love Norway, Iceland, and other cold regions.

You no longer have to be afraid to travel to Scandinavia and the Nordics without a travel agency or spend your time reading tens of different travel blogs. On our blog, you will find all the information that you need for planning your epic trip to Norway, Iceland, and in the future to the whole of northern Europe. 


I have never been a big fan of warm destinations. I prefer walking in the mountains with my camera around my neck over sipping cocktails at a beach. So, when I had a chance to spend a semester studying abroad, I chose Trondheim, Norway. Immediately I fell in love with Norwegian nature and a couple of years later with a Norwegian. Instead of staying here just for a couple of months for the last eight years, I am calling Norway my home.

My boyfriend Ivar and I recently bought a van which we are converting into a camper van. It gives us a perfect chance to take all of our climbing, paddling, and camping equipment and explore Norwegian mountains and fjords. We started to write this blog to share our love for nature with likeminded people. We want to share with you not just tips for beautiful places but also an insight into Norwegian culture, history, and everyday life.

Apart from loving Norway, we also have a soft spot for Iceland. We have been lucky enough to visit this spectacular island four times, and we still have at least another 40 visits planned. We are also fascinated by Greenland, but that is for now still an unfulfilled dream. When we add frequent visits to my brother, who lives with his family in Sweden, then why not to write about the whole of northern Europe?

We write articles not only about traveling in Norway and neighboring states but also about other (mainly cold) destinations. Apart from that, we like to review the equipment we use for camping, hiking, paddling, or other sports activities. At the end of this year (2019), we are planning to leave Norway for about a year or two. We want to ship our van to South America and drive the Panamerican highway from Chile to Alaska. And who knows maybe after that we will finally find our dream house with grassy roof and view to the mountains and settle down?

ceska vlajka


Radka is a chemist who currently works as an assistent for disabled people. She has never been to Trolltunga. When she was young she managed to break her leg while downhill skiing and she said she will never ever try the crosscountry skiing again after crossing Rondane and Femundsmarka with Ivar. She does not eat fish or brunost and doesn’t drink coffee. For two years she thought that her classmate from Stavanger was Danish. Despite all of that she is trying to blend in with Norwegians.

Radka Realcamplife cestovatelský blog o Norsku
norska vlajka


Ivar is a climber and a nurse that has never been to Preikestolen. He used to work as a personal assistent for disabled people where he was charmed by Radka (who is a nightshift worker). As a stereotypical Norwegian he loves skiing, wafles with brunost and he is capable of drinking hectoliters of coffee. He is very outdoorsy and likes to use clasiccal norwegian clichés like: “Det finnes ikke dårlig vær, bare dårlige klær” (There is no bad clothes, just bad weather.)

Ivar Realcamplife



  •  We are fully aware of the impact that travel blogs and social media can have on tourism, therefore we would like to promote responsible and sustainable tourism.
  • We do not want any tourists to unknowingly break any written or unwritten rules just because they did not know about them or did not understand them. Therefore we want to give you a full overview not only about beautiful places in Nordic countries but also about how things work. E.g. what are the rules for camping and sleeping in a car in Norway or Iceland, How does the Norwegian toll system work, or what is the impact of mass tourism on some tourists attractions in the region.
  • We really want you to enjoy your vacation in the north. Too often we see people repeating the same mistakes over and over again, like coming to Oslo to see the fjords or going to southern Norway to watch the northern lights. We want to prevent you from doing the same mistakes. Therefore we write about everything from: What is the best time to visit Norway, What equipment you should pack to Where and When do you have the best chances to see the northern lights.
  • We understand that what is perfect for one person does not have to fit another. So if you did not find exactly what you were looking for please do not hesitate to contact us with questions or you can contact us about creating a tailor made itinerary specially for you.


Do you like our blog? Do you have any questions? Do you need some advice? Do you want to work with us or just get in touch?

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